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enum Gan_Type

labels for simple types used throughout Gandalf

GAN_CHAR  signed character
GAN_UCHAR  unsigned character
GAN_SHORT  signed short integer
GAN_USHORT  unsigned short integer
GAN_INT  signed integer
GAN_UINT  unsigned integer
GAN_LONG  signed long integer
GAN_ULONG  unsigned long integer
GAN_LONGLONG  signed extra-long integer
GAN_FLOAT  single precision floating point
GAN_DOUBLE  double precision floating point
GAN_LONGDOUBLE  long double precision floating point
GAN_STRING  string (array of characters)
GAN_BOOL  boolean
GAN_POINTER  generic pointer

Definition at line 90 of file misc_defs.h.

   GAN_CHAR,       /**< signed character */
   GAN_UCHAR,      /**< unsigned character */
   GAN_SHORT,      /**< signed short integer */
   GAN_USHORT,     /**< unsigned short integer */
   GAN_INT,        /**< signed integer */
   GAN_UINT,       /**< unsigned integer */
   GAN_LONG,       /**< signed long integer */
   GAN_ULONG,      /**< unsigned long integer */
   GAN_LONGLONG,   /**< signed extra-long integer */
   GAN_FLOAT,      /**< single precision floating point */
   GAN_DOUBLE,     /**< double precision floating point */
   GAN_LONGDOUBLE, /**< long double precision floating point */
   GAN_STRING,     /**< string (array of characters) */
   GAN_BOOL,       /**< boolean */
   GAN_POINTER     /**< generic pointer */
} Gan_Type;

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